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ScEYEnce Ten Year AnniversaryMy name is Patrick Lane. I create graphics for the scientific, medical, pharmaceutical and scientific publishing communities. I launched ScEYEnce Studios in November 2003 after a 15-year career as a Biomedical Illustrator, Art Director, Creative Director and eventually partner at a preeminent scientific illustration and design firm in Philadelphia, PA.

More than simply creating beautiful imagery I am in the business of translation. I translate difficult scientific concepts into visual narratives that educate, illuminate and teach. My years of experience and understanding of the sciences, along with my skill and dedication as a sci-artist enables me to quickly produce and deliver high-quality graphics. My existing clients know what I am capable of and my new clients are always pleasantly surprised to work with a graphic artist who speaks and understands their language.

Featured Work

I was honored to be asked to create the image that would eventually grace the cover of the inaugural issue of the journal mBIO launched in April 2010. ASMJournals charged me with the task to produce an image that would show the diversity of all microbial life that support, influence, and affect our biosphere. The image is separated into and depicts the four distinct microbial groups–archaea, bacteria, fungi, and protists. The image was done entirely in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Client List

American Society for Microbiology
ASM Journals
American Society of Hematology
American Physiological Society
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Bridge Street Films
Brooks/Cole | Cengage Learning
Campbell’s Soup
Consumer Dynamics
Duke University Medical Center
Erasmus MC Rotterdam
Garland Science
Graphic World Publishing Services
Janet Hughes & Associates
Lakehead University
Leiden University Medical Center, Dept. of Toxicogenetics
Max F. Perutz Laboratories GmbH
Medical College of Wisconsin
McGraw Hill Higher Education
PocketDoktor GmbH
Princeton University, Dept. of Molecular Biology
Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Swiss Tropical Institute
Thompson Steele, Inc.
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Chicago, Dept. of Microbiology
University of Pennsylvania, Dept of Physics and Astronomy
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
UNC School of Medicine
University of Washington, Dept. of Microbiology
UpReach Communications
Wilson Learning Company
Yale University School of Medicine



You have been absolutely superb – a true pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with you again soon!

Dr. Andrew Clark
Dept. of Veterinary Science and Microbiology
The University of Arizona, Tucson AZ
I thank Patrick Lane for a truly superb job on rendering the stereology problem in a very compact illustration. I have approved the final version 3 that has come in 3 hours ago.

Ewald R. Weibel D.Sc(hon)
Professor Emeritus
Institut für Anatomie, Universität Bern